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Our Mission

Nach was launched in early 2014, to solve a personal pain point, by filling the gaps where other goal management services fall short.

We aim to combine a philosophy of personal development and self improvement, with the most advanced relevant technologies, to provide a slick yet feature-rich experience, which offers everything needed for ambitious people to achieve more.

We're a very small and lean team, based in London, UK, and our priority is building a great product. We aren't wasting our time with advertising contracts or searching for investors, and we certainly have no interest in being acquired. All our focus is on the platform itself, as experienced by users.

Our goal is simply to make a self-sustaining product, which helps other people in their day-to-day lives as much as it helps us.

James Isaac - Founder

After stepping down from a very demanding position at a fast-paced tech startup in mid-2013, at age 23, I was able to reflect on the fact that, outside of the responsibilities of the role itself, I hadn't really done much to progress myself through those past two years.

I had a lot of interests, and I'd nurtured a few of them to some degree, but it certainly wasn't representative of the potential for personal achievement I could have seen in that time period. I realised that, nearly all of my available energy for success, I'd focused towards a single quite narrow goal of helping to build a successful company.

Being left with a lot of time on my hands, I didn't want to make the same mistake again of exercising tunnel vision towards one specific goal, while neglecting other areas of my own personal development. The course of action seemed pretty obvious - to make a plan of the big things I wanted out of life; break them down into more manageable milestones and tasks; and build a better routine that involved dedicating a decent amount of time towards these pursuits every day.

I started writing this list in Notepad++ - indenting a new line every time I broke down a goal; but it soon became pretty unmanageable with all the extra information I wanted to store, so I began looking for software that could help with the process.

The problem was, I couldn't find anything which shared this same focus. In between to-do list apps, "social" habit trackers, and retrofitted project management systems, I couldn't find something that looked powerful enough to be used for such a detailed personal goal-setting exercise.

Potentially what I wanted could be achieved with an elaborate combination of a few different specialised tools, but it would have required a lot of manual work, and been extremely difficult to keep up. I could envision exactly what I wanted, and it wasn't any of these tools.

Show backstory

In the spirit of setting ambitious personal goals, I set out to single-handedly build the platform I had in my head. I've had a long-standing interest in understanding every aspect of a project I'm working on, and have seen through many from start to finish, so the challenge was appealing. I'm also very familiar with self-learning, so the potential gaps in my knowledge didn't really pose an issue.

Less than a year later, and here we are with a fully functional platform, that, as well being an unbelievably helpful solution to my problem, I'm extremely happy to see is also providing daily help to many other people too.

I was able to do it whilst retaining a balanced life, and making huge progress with personal achievement and self-improvement in other areas of my life too. I was also able to build it single-handedly, as I'd hoped, without putting myself under financial pressure by seeking any form of investment or loan. (I'm sure this success is in part thanks to Nach, which I was able to start using at a very rudimentary stage just a few days after I started building).

I'm very grateful to those who have helped by providing their feedback, expertise and input - and of course to those who have shown their support by subscribing. I hope that Nach can continue to be a purely positive experience and asset for everyone involved, and stay true to these same fundamental values as it continues to improve as a platform and help even more people.