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Included in the price

  • Full app access, with unlimited goals, steps, and trackers
  • Prompt and helpful support via email
  • No advertisements
  • No long-term commitment - pausable month-to-month billing
  • Unlimited email and 50 100 SMS reminders per month
  • 250 1000 MB storage space for images, documents and files
  • Immediate access to platform improvements & new features
  • Full API access
  • Feel awesome as you help to fund the growth of Nach

Why don't you sell advertising?

While other apps in the self-improvement space may be offered for free, these are often monetised through, what are in our opinion, more disingenuous means, such as the gradual introduction of advertisements, selling users' data, corporate partnerships, or raising external funding with the end goal of selling the service and userbase.

We prefer to take a more straightforward approach, by asking that if you find value in the service, you pay a small monthly subscription fee. This way we can maintain an extremely high quality of service, without ever having to dilute the purpose and vision of the app with things like advertisements - an industry which makes its income through manipulating people to want things they don't need, the farming of users' personal data, taking advantage of those in financially vulnerable situations, and many other ethically questionable acts, all in the name of profit.

Fortunately, choosing to go with subscription fees means that instead of spending our time trying to figure out new ways to make money, we can use the subscription fees to fund the ongoing development of new features, improvements, and expanding the app to new platforms.

What about a free tier with limited features?

Rather than putting effort into cutting features out of the platform, and providing a sub-standard service, we prefer to bring everyone the product exactly as we envisioned it, giving the highest quality experience we can.

There's also no subset of features that would cost us nothing to offer - everything you see takes time to build, effort to maintain, and costs us money to run. So we've chosen a price we believe is extremely fair, and in-line with the offering.

A fully-featured 30-day free trial period is available for you to evaluate the service before you commit to paying anything.