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Privacy Policy

  • Nach is, first and foremost, a personal goal management tool. Therefore, by default, everything is private, and treated with the same level of respect as if we were running a personal email service. Your content will only only be made public in cases where you provide explicit consent.
  • Access to the site's database is very carefully managed, and the server is not shared with any other parties.
  • Individual users' data will never be shared with any third parties, unless required as part of the site's functionality (e.g. third-party API integrations).
  • All content hosted on is delivered with SSL encryption.
  • The app will never show advertisements, nor include third-party tracking scripts. The only exception is Google Analytics, which we use to analyse anonymised usage patterns of the app in order to make improvements to the user experience. No identifying user data is passed to Google Analytics, and all user-provided names (e.g. goal names) are redacted before logging information is sent.
  • Privacy bugs are taken extremely seriously, and will be tackled with urgency. If you notice a bug, please report it to us by email rather than disclosing publicly.
  • In the event that a privacy breach occurs, we will openly report the extent of the breach, and what measures we have taken to prevent similar occurrences in future.
  • Any new features affecting privacy will be strictly opt-in.