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Terms of Service

Your rights

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time from the app's Profile page. Effective immediately, you will not be billed for any further months. You will still be able to access your data in a read-only manner, but many functions of the app will be unavailable. You can still carry out administrative actions, such as changing your email preferences or closing your account, while in read-only mode.
  • You can close your account at any time from the app's Profile page.
  • Your personal data will remain private, and will never be shared with any other users or third parties, without your explicit consent. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • If the site ceases operation, you will receive an opportunity to download your stored data.
  • If your account is throttled or closed for any of the reasons listed in the next section, you have the right to receive an explanation, and, where possible, will be given advanced warning.
  • In the event of any major changes to this Terms of Service, they will be announced with at least a month's notice given before the changes are enacted.

Your responsibilities

  • You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, through means of a secure email account and strong password, and will be held accountable for any actions that take place on your account.
  • The app is provided "as is", and is currently in a frequently-changing beta state, so while you are encouraged to contact us with any feature suggestions or bug reports, it's your responsibility to use the trial period to evaluate the product with the devices to intend to use it on, before subscribing.
  • We may throttle or close accounts that are using an unreasonable proportion of the site's resources.
  • You cannot use the site to store copyright material to which you do not hold the rights.
  • You cannot use the site to harass other users or members of the public.
  • You cannot use the site to store any content, or carry out any actions, which are illegal under United Kingdom law.