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Roadmap » Drag & drop restructuring of the Goal Map

14 points | Current stage: Completed | Type: Feature

This feature is now live! Read more here:

Currently, changing a sub-goal/step's parent requires using the "Change parent" and "Set as parent" options in the shortcut menu. This makes reorganising a bit slower and more awkward than it could be.

This enhancement would allow the dragging and dropping to be extended beyond the limits of just individual lists, allowing items to be dragged and nested anywhere on the Goal Map.

This feature would only be available on non-touchscreen devices.


  • James (Nach Team)
    26 Dec 2014
    Ok, completely rebuilt the drag & drop system from scratch, and just pushed live. Check out the introductory blog post here: . I'll leave this feature in the WIP column for now in case anyone finds any issues. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave it in this thread!
  • James (Nach Team)
    18 Dec 2014
    One of the reasons for not doing this originally was the feeling that it makes it too easy to accidentally mess up a goal structure (especially as undo isn't yet a feature). Like when you have a file browser open, and accidentally drag a folder somewhere you didn't mean to. Does anyone think that would be a problem for them?