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Roadmap » Printable to-do list

11 points | Current stage: Completed | Type: Feature

This feature is now live!


  • PaulG
    23 Oct 2015
    could it be extended to also print the first pinned note as I put my checklsts todo's here, alternatively a seperate print for notes
  • James (Nach Team)
    13 Feb 2015
    I've added a print stylesheet to the webapp, so now by using print option in your browser, you should get a decent representation of the To-Do List (and most other pages). Tested in Chrome and Firefox.

    I've also added a print button to the To-Do List, but annoyingly in Firefox this doesn't show a preview, so you're better off doing it through the browser menu.

    Currently the printable version includes Next Steps, so could potentially take up a few pages. I figured better here to just let people specify in the print dialog if they want to cut it short, rather than making it impossible to print next steps. In future when the to-do list supports filtering this will be easier.

    Feel free to let me know if you experience any problems with this.