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Roadmap » Tags

44 points | Current stage: Idea | Type: Feature

While categories offer an extremely high level of grouping for goals (e.g. work, health, family), tags would be a much more granular way to class individual steps.

A potential use case of this would be like "contexts" in the GTD methodology. Tags could be set up for "Office", "Home", "Errands", etc, for tasks that can only be completed in a certain place or as part of a certain routine. It will then be easy to filter down to a tag and see all matching steps across all goals.


  • Anonymous
    18 Oct 2019
    Much needed. It's really the only way I can see to have more than one way to view a task without duplicating it.
  • jostenham
    04 May 2019
    The ability to tag and filter by tags would be very value adding! I really miss this at the moment. Would be highly appreciated.
  • fourmi4x
    20 Apr 2019
    I agree, this would be so helpful in order to group that that needs to be done at home, at work, etc.
  • jostenhambusiness
    04 Jan 2019
    Totally agree, this will add a lot of value.
  • lexieheart
    22 Mar 2018
    I definitely agree. Needs a way to group tasks other than the high-level categories.
  • AlexTheGreat
    21 Mar 2018
    I'd love if there was an option to tag tasks and filter the to-do list. I love the app and I think that some sort of tag system is the only thing that's missing.
  • laripk
    06 Jul 2017
    could use Categories like Tags, or just add an arbitrary text filter function to the Todo List (with savable searches for frequent choices) and let the user decide what a tag is.

    I understand the Categories were designed for graphing how you distribute your activity, and allowing multiple categories per task would mess this up.
  • dpoulshock
    03 Apr 2017
    Tags would be very nice!
  • stevesolari
    26 Apr 2016
    Agreed, contexts would be helpful. The ability to look at @phone, for example, when I can't do much else but make phone calls (i.e. on the road with a speakerphone or earpiece) would be helpful.
  • verstandinvictus
    03 Dec 2015
    Alternatively, allow Categories to apply to sub-items and steps, and allow multiple Categories per item.
  • achamess
    23 May 2015
    Agreed. And then, to be able to use tags to selectively view or conceal groups of tasks. Thats the magic of apps like Omnifocus. Sometimes you don't want to see all your next steps since they can be overwhelming. You might only want to see ones that have a certain tag or context.
  • LauraHibberd
    15 Apr 2015
    Tags, labels, contexts... call them what you will. It would be helpful to have a way to tag tasks as we choose. (For example: One way I'd use tags is to designate contexts - @Errands, @Yard)