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Roadmap » Native Android app

104 points | Current stage: Work in progress | Type: App


  • jostenham
    23 Mar 2019
    Hi, is there any news on how we are progressing with the app? I became a Nach user a while a go only because I knew the app would be coming as well.
  • chaibizi
    13 Mar 2018
    any updates?
  • slysmile
    18 Feb 2016
    All this needs to be is the web-app + notifications and widget. Nothing fancy.
  • verstandinvictus
    03 Dec 2015
    Sub-feature suggestion: Android Wear functionality. Specifically, one of the absolute killer apps for Wear is Google Keep, in that it allows me to make a checklist before I go out, then when I get somewhere (like the grocery store), pull up that checklist on my watch and scroll/view/add/check items without yanking out my phone every 2 minutes.

    I would love to have that functionality for Nach - a little Wear app that lets me select any top-level Goal and display its map on the watch, with tapping on items able to complete them. Perhaps it could have a view of the Next Steps graph as well.
  • Anonymous
    07 Nov 2015
    My concern would be that this could be spreading your resources a bit thin. If you think it is doable to support a solid native Android app and a web app, that's awesome, but I prefer web apps personally.
  • kiryl
    06 Oct 2015
    Any updates?
  • galaviram
    10 Jul 2015
    Will the app have an ability to set places in which a task can be done and notify when the user is near this place? (as in when i'm near the grocery store the app will know that and remind me to buy apples)
    It could be extremely useful
  • vlutton
    13 Jun 2015
    Will this have integration with the "make a note" in google voice search? That is the main benefit for me, the ability to quickly capture ideas when I am in a place (like my car) where I cannot open up a web browser and type in something.
  • James (Nach Team)
    26 Dec 2014
    @alantilson The main advantages would be:

    1. Performance boost in loading times and responsiveness, as it's running native code rather than interpreting through a browser. (Although the web-app still definitely has room for performance improvement)
    2. Ability to utilise push notifications and homescreen widgets.
    3. For first time users, more easily downloadable through the app store.

    I believe offline support could be done just as effectively with the web-app (will add that to the roadmap), and the screen space issues again could be applied to the web-app - just needs some more time to polish.
  • alantilson
    26 Dec 2014
    I voted for this but I'm sure that I understand what the benefits are? The Android web app is sometimes slow and it doesn't use the screen as effectively as it might. And there are times without a connection. Anything else?
  • Marcus
    17 Dec 2014
    Achievement on the go!