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Roadmap » Native iPhone/iOS app

59 points | Current stage: Work in progress | Type: App


  • shaochun
    21 Jan 2017
    Vote for iOS. It's a must-have app.
  • yoDaddyo
    05 Jan 2017
    where does this stand?
  • vrch2013
    29 Jun 2016
    Plus 1 for iOS app!
  • stevesolari
    26 Apr 2016
    Another vote for iOS -- don't be discouraged by initial reviews though. iOS app reviewers in the App store can be vicious without reason, especially from people who don't take the time to understand the app they're reviewing. Take the useless feedback with a grain of salt and expect it as par for the course.
  • rosenfamily
    03 Jan 2016
    When will the app be ready?
  • Anonymous
    01 Nov 2015
    Mobile apps please. Cannot guarantee connectivity when it is needed
  • yoDaddyo
    27 Sep 2015
    Check out - I actually think NACH is better because it give better flexibility with types of goals and habits. But I do like the crowd sourcing and coaching system they've setup.
  • dustinhogan
    31 Jul 2015
    Lets get an app rocking!
  • Anonymous
    07 Jul 2015
    This would be the bees' knees!
  • dpoulshock
    09 Mar 2015
    Yeah. it's fine as a web link, but would be so much better as an app.
  • AndreClaassen
    06 Jan 2015
    We need a native app. I live in the mobile world