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Roadmap » "Duplicate" steps/goals via shortcut menu

14 points | Current stage: Idea | Type: Feature


  • Anonymous
    09 Oct 2017
    Some form of templating is a must have for me. This is a slick tool for what it does but strong productivity improvement requires managing templates. The capacity to have a breakdown of tasks for an objective that can be expanded upon and revised with use is the heart of development. As true for "what to pack and prepare for a trip" through "meeting agendas and plans" to "project initiation and life cycle".

    The lack of this feature is currently the greatest reason why I might stick at 30 days.
  • Anonymous
    18 Aug 2016
    Would be awesome to have something like this as a starting point for templates.
  • angelique
    30 Dec 2015
    Would love this. I'm using nach to track some pretty repetitive goals (e.g., read X books in 2016, knit X socks in 2016); each of those is a subgoal (e.g., Book #1, Book #2) and would love to be able to just duplicate my first one and its steps for each item.
  • smallbizwhiz
    09 Mar 2015
    This should have way more than two points in my opinion. I just created a goal of "read 12 books this year" and then a sub goal for each month, with an action of "read 20 pages" per day under each sub goal. Sure would have been nice if I could have credited the first one and duplicated there after.