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Roadmap » Visualisation of productivity leading towards goal

27 points | Current stage: Idea | Type: Feature


  • dimitri
    11 Dec 2015
    Maybe, this could be implemented as a type of flow chart or a sankey diagram, showing time/energy spent on goals/subgoals on the y-axis, and overall time elapsed on the x-axis. You could look at individual goal flows within your activity stream, which would have milestones in them. In a sense what is already there with the category graph, but for goals including milestones/subgoals leading up to each goal. Personally, I would love an arrow design leading up to your goals.
  • verstandinvictus
    09 Dec 2015
    Yeah, expanding the "Completed Goals" graph to show steps would be neat.
  • dpoulshock
    27 Mar 2015
    When you have a complicated goal with many steps, and you tick those steps one off at a time — along the way, and as part of the "history", it would be a good feature to be able to see all the completed steps WITHIN a goal, rather than separated by date.