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Roadmap » Agenda page for easier managing of today's tasks

60 points | Current stage: Idea | Type: Feature

The To-Do List can get very busy, and sometimes it isn't ideal to assign due dates of today for every step you plan on completing today. This page would provide an easy place to group the tasks you plan on completing in the short term into one place, organise them into the order you plan on tackling them, etc.


  • Tregenza
    20 Jan 2018
    Yes - I need a way to pick my "top 3" to get through ASAP off my to do list but I want to be able to keep everything visible and on the list. This Agenda page would be great!
  • laripk
    10 Jul 2017
    (I don't actually care about using priorities, I just liked the three categories.) One category of Doing Today or Starred or whatever will do just fine, though.
  • laripk
    06 Jul 2017
    I agree on the need for a way to focus on an arbitrary shortlist of tasks.

    I hate using due dates as a way to shortlist my tasks.

    I like the way this person uses priorities to sort his tasks into Doing Now, Do Today, and Do This Week categories, but it means being able to easily change the priorities constantly.
  • Anonymous
    24 Aug 2016
    Would be great to have "fuzzy" target times, instead of hard due dates. Something like "do in the next week", or "do by the end of the month". And of course can filter / sort by these. Something like "Upcoming tasks...", with a summary for the next day, the next week, the next month, etc.
  • Anonymous
    07 Jul 2015
  • achamess
    23 May 2015
    Agreed. This is like flagging in other task apps. It allows me to bring high priority tasks to a "today" kind of list, my 3 MITs. This would be very handy.
  • dballski
    27 Apr 2015
    What is status of this feature??
  • LauraHibberd
    15 Apr 2015
    I like this too. A "star" on a task or habit would be a quick way to do this. Then a list of "stared" tasks. The ability to drag and drop to arrange this list would be key. (If we're really dreaming big - sorting it by a label would be awesome too. :P)
  • dpoulshock
    27 Mar 2015
    When will it be ready>>!!? >)
  • dpoulshock
    27 Mar 2015
    love it
  • dballski
    23 Jan 2015
    I really like this feature.