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Roadmap » Monthly schedule for repeating steps

36 points | Current stage: Idea | Type: Feature

Give repeating steps a "Month schedule" option, which lets you specify things like:

"1st day of every month"
"25th day of every month"
"last day of every month"
"last business day of every month"
"1st day of every 3rd month"

It should also allow any number of these combined together. If you can think of any ways you'd want to specify the day of the month which aren't listed above, please comment below.


  • benjnse
    11 Aug 2022
    Really need this.
  • Anonymous
    12 Feb 2019
    This is essential to make Nach a fully functional project/goal planning tool.
  • Anonymous
    16 Aug 2018
    Essential. I also support an annual one. While we're at it, we need a "every 2nd or 3rd week/month/year too"
  • Luftwaffels
    06 Dec 2015
  • Anonymous
    01 Nov 2015
    This is absolutely vital - months have different numbers of days and there are lots of things that have to be done on the same day each month. Can we have an annual one too please? (e.g. to organise a child's birthday celebration or file taxes)
  • TheSmiddy
    01 May 2015
    also "2nd Wednesday of every month"