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  • Features Repeating steps, reminders, summary emails

Some of the default options in Nach are more suited to on-going tasks which don't have fixed schedules. But Nach is flexible enough that it can very easily be customised to keep track of more structured recurring tasks too.

This example contains some ideas of how you can use Nach as "weekly planner", to keep yourself on track with tasks that recur every week, and plan out your week in advance every Monday.

Use the Weekly Schedule type of repeating step

Click the Edit button on a step's page, and you'll be able to give it a Weekly Schedule and specify which days of the week the step should take place on. This corresponds to when it will appear in the "Today" section of your To-Do list.

Once you have your weekly recurring tasks set up in this way, you can also use the Calendar tab to see at a glance what's happening in the week ahead.

You might also find it helpful to tick the checkbox labeled When a day is missed, push the due date back. Without this enabled, a step which you miss doing will fall into the "Overdue" section of your To-Do list, with the date it was last due, and remain there until you complete it. This makes sense for something that you might forget about doing and want a couple of weeks away from every so often (without getting hassled with constant automated reminders).

But with something that you know you will be doing on a strict schedule (such as attending a weekly after-work class), you can enable this option, knowing that even if you miss it one day, you'll still want to be reminded the next time it comes around.

Make use of email/SMS reminders and summary emails

There are a few different ways Nach can be used to help remind you of what's upcoming, and the best method depends on the task.

At the beginning of every week, a Weekly Summary will automatically be emailed to you, showing the to-do list for the week ahead. This email also contains a summary of your productivity over the last week - which it can be a useful way to reflect on your performance.

At 7am every day, if there's something active on your to-do list, you'll be sent a Daily Summary of what's active on your to-do list.

For parts of your weekly schedule which you're likely to remember anyway, the above two features will probably be sufficient. However, if the task is something you're prone to forget, you can always set up an email or SMS reminder to trigger at some point before the step is due.

Whichever method you choose - make sure you keep your to-do list up to date by ticking items off on the day you complete them. With Nach on your phone's homescreen, it takes very little time to tick something off on your to-do list, and will help the app to keep everything accurate and up-to-date.