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Review Your Year with the Calendar Chart

Published 27 Dec 2016 | Category: New Features

To wrap up 2016, we've just added a new graph to Nach. See at a glance a heatmap of your entire productivity history, from the day you joined Nach, using the new Year Calendar, accessible from the Graphs page.

Each square's colour intensity is driven by the number of steps completed and positive habits reinforced on a given day, and contains a blue corner if any goals were completed on that day (which you can see listed by hovering over).

The end of the year is a great time to take a step back and review everything at a high level — where did you achieve success, and where is attention needed? Several of the tools on Nach can be extremely helpful in this process. The Completed Goals graph gives a nice reminder of the big things you achieved throughout the year; the new Year Calendar gives a more in-depth view, letting you see goals in the context of your entire productivity, and discover patters across the year (or multiple years!); and finally the History section lets you really drill down to any point in the past, and see what tasks you were completing on a daily basis, and any notes that you left behind.

This kind of insight can be invaluable when it comes to making a new plan for the coming year. Now is a great time to give yourself an honest evaluation, take these learnings on board, and tidy up your Goal Map — taking decisive action on goals that have been long-neglected, and mapping out new ambitions and goals into solid plans which you can start actioning in 2017.

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