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Dev Diary #5 - Note Editor and Undo

Published 28 Jun 2017 | Category: Dev Diary

Had a lot on the past couple of weeks, so have had to skip an update. To make up for it, this is a pretty substantial one. The video mostly speaks for itself:

As you can see, much of the support is now in place for notes and attachments. For the same reasons as explained in diary #3, I've gone for a full screen note editor in the new mobile apps, and I'm finding it's a really nice way to focus in on a single note, removing the surrounding distractions.

This video also introduces a big new feature: undo. This isn't just for notes, it's something that appears everywhere in the app a mutation is made. Renaming a goal, completing a to-do, changing a due due, even deleting an entire tree of nested sub-goals, will now all include a 5-second undo window.

This was highly requested for the web app, but due to the architecture it was built with, it would have been extremely difficult to retrofit. But as described in diary #4, the brand new architecture in use by the mobile apps allows for a lot of new benefits, this being one of them.

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