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Account-Wide Search

Published 25 Aug 2014 | Category: New Features

Forgotten where exactly you stored a specific note or piece of information? No longer a problem, thanks to the newly launched account-wide search feature. The new Search tab with the app puts everything you've ever saved on the app at your figertips - goals, steps, notes, attachments and trackers - even those which have have been long since archived.

The search tool also features lots of advanced syntax options - such as exact phrase matching (e.g. "new car") and wildcards (e.g. advert*, which matches anything from advert to advertisement).

You can even search against specific attributes of objects. To give just a few examples:

  • Adding active:false to your search will return only objects which are currently inactive (meaning they've been archived or are children of an archived goal).
  • Show only completed goals and steps with completed:true.
  • Find any goals that you've made public with public:true.

For a full list of available search modifiers, see the searching guide in the Help Center.

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